February 21, 2008

آخر عاقبت دانشجوی معماری

آخر عاقبت دانشجوی معماری the fate of an architecture student
دگردیسی یک دانشجوی معماری / نمونه موردی سینا خان مصداقی
transition of one architecture student, case study sina mesdaghi
ورود به دانشگاه/ جوگیری
entering the university, fresh man, enthusiastic for making peace between architecture and civil student
اواخر دانشگاه/ آرتیستی
senior studentship, every thing seems to be artistic even the clothing
پایان نامه/ دپرشن
working on dissertation and thesis, deprassion, being shagy and taty and torned
این دوران خارج از طبقه بندی های مرسوم است احتمالا دوران عشقی و رمانتیک است
this classification is rare in this way and could not be named surely but
simply for this case it assume as "lovesome, romantic and lunatic period"

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February 14, 2008

friendship Vs. marriage

the best way to ruin a friendship is the marriage!

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i can't really find any picture thoughtful on the subject of LOVE than this:
it was the logo of sina blog
however he didn't draw that for this occasion but still it sucks..
drawing created by sina mesdaghi

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February 13, 2008

از ماست که بر ماست


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February 12, 2008

Tadao Ando, Dog, Le courbusier

Tadao Ando named his dog "le courbusier" because he love him very much
آندو اسم سگش رو میزاره لوکربوزیه به خاطر عشق وافر به او

this is the Ando's sketch , kind of proposal to mayor for constructing a building like that
according to ando , the first time they put aside the blue print but when he insisted again
and go to the mayor, they just kicked him out!
این ساختمان پیشنهادی آندو به شهردار است جزو اولین طرحای او
حالا چطور شده از این مدل طرح ها یه دفعه سوپر استار میشه خودش داستانیه
بعد از اینکه بار دوم رفت پیش شهردار واسه این کار از اتاق میندازانش بیرون

these two picture were taken during UIA 2005 , in istanbul , at Tadao Ando presentation

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February 11, 2008

the forbidden fruit is the sweetest


به محض عبور از مرز و رسیدن به اولین توقفگاه یخچال اتوبوس پر شد از آبجو و البته
قیمت بالاتر آب معدنی نسبت به آبجو بهانه خوبی بود راستی می دانید که آبجو جزو کالا های
اساسی تو کشور آلمان حساب میشود و میزان مالیات بر مصرف آن بسیار کم میباشد
یه جورایی مانند سوبسید تو کشور خودمون!

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February 10, 2008

خاطرات معمارانه "از ساعت 6 بعدالظهر معماری تعطیله"

در یکی از پارتی های انجمن معماران در استانبول بودیم که محمد افشار هم حضور فعالانه ای
در حرکات موزون و باقی ماجرا ها داشت
که ناگهان ناپدید شد بعد از نیم ساعتی رویت شد و گفت شیردل بین جمعیت پیدا کرده و
:ازش یه سوال معمارانه پرسیده! (احتمالا راجع به معماری مردمی)و شیردل در جواب او گفته
"از ساعت 6 بعدالظهر معماری تعطیله سوال معماری هم ممنوع

UIA ceremony , afshar and (sorry i forgot his name but he was a famous one)

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February 9, 2008

who says that google is the best!

an intresting search result , i don't know why my site is tagged the first result,
what is the relation between "کلفت کننده" and this site, i really am in
doubt if google has the authentics algoritm for searching


...when you look to your site statistic you would find out very intresting and strange
result like the above example which one of visitor directed to this site by google
for this search term! confused!

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February 8, 2008


what really recycling means!


no comment!

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in a extrimist conservative islamic regime!(such a paradox), you don't know if any change really means better or worse, you have to be optomist or pesimist!

the memorandum session of new dean of Tehran university

....on "haztratesh" mano koshte
source: the picture is taken from Mehdi Blog

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February 7, 2008

architectural memory UIA 2005

although many believe that ZAHA is shy but to me she is not really shy but not sociable and some how impolite!
i remember when she started her presentation in UIA 2005 , someone shouted and asked her to speak louder coz no one at the end of sallon can hear her , she shouted very angirily witha very annoying tone " you can come to podium and speak instead of me, i can not speak louder" ....it is not exactely the same word but some thing mean like this ...


anyway..one of intresting point about ZAHA was she seems to be a close friend of SHIRDEL and Eisenman coz in the final ceremony they sat in one table and chit chat for a while

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why we never progress

and this time " why we never progress" according to a bear in his cave :

photo: from sina blog

read here

Google and Sanctions
if u try to down load the latest version of "google sketchup pro" from the google site you will probably see this message: "THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST, BUT THE PRODUCT THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DOWNLOAD IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY". I must add this new exprience of mine to the "why we never progress" series in Faraz Soleimani's weblog. Anyways I actually think the reason that google has blocked access to its products in "YOUR COUNTRY" is not UN sanctions, but it is mainly about copy right issue! and when it goes to copy right issue then "YOUR COUNTRY" is the most free country in the world! I was studying "AGE OF COMMUNICATION" عصر اطلاعات book by Manuel Castells and I bet that after reading that you will agree with me that "YOUR COUNTRY" is just a big bad rebel among all good guys!

CRACK MOOD ADVISE: if you ever wanted to circle around this IP address blocks just try "U88.EXE" . after using that stupid google willingly offers it products to you! I donno any link for "U88.EXE" but if you find me online, I can send it to u!

by the way , do the other countries really think that this kind of biased attitude really work!
i wonder if it works, and they are just convincing all intelectuals in Iran that the problem is from the
others countries not their extremist islamic one,

My experience, crack mode, if u88 don't work download torpark , it really sucks , it is the master of all proxy program and by that you can really SURF NET

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February 6, 2008

another discrimination, why we never progress?


you know , i doubt you really know, what does it mean to down load by this rate,
then always discrimination, boycot, sanction, ...exist even in NET.

it means 1 MB=1000 kB bytes and by rate=833bytes/ sec therefore i need more than 1200 secounds to download a file sized 1 MB which means 20 minutes ! yes 20 minutes for a one MB file , oh my god!

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February 5, 2008

architectural memory,

during our travel in turkey we go to a fashion- leather saloon, anyway after the show the orgnizers select two, a boy and a girl, from us and wear them their cloths then they walk through and show off but they have to unbotton their cloth to show their underwear , and when they do so, all the saloon burst into shouting and clapping, i remember an american who was very impressed by this show, therefor an architecture student can do anything from fashion design to be a model for fashion

the iranian student, boy from shiraz university, girl from azad uni tehran

she unzipped her cloth and ...

and other spectators, the rest of student

the first time i heard Arash music, BORO BORO, was in a mac in istanbul during uia, we were very proud that in an international event arash is roaring in space,
the guys in picture, Mohamad Afshar, Hamid from shiraz, and the girl i can't recite her name but student of film or theater in tehran uni

on the road our bus just got out of order , we were 100 km off the ankara and we should weat for 3 hours to got fix the cars, so the music students in tehran uni start composing music by pet bottle which was filled by sand , astonishing, and the others started dancing, it was a very hot party and the other drivers pulled off and join us , and also turkish police also joined us

souvenir, the boys bring all kind of alcholic drinking back to iran and this girl bring a branch of tree!

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February 4, 2008

the result of sanction


yeah, this is the result when you were born in iran and you surf the net in iran ,
it is not too far to face this:

"Access Forbidden
We are sorry, but due to U.S. government restrictions, we are unable to allow access to our webiste from your country at this time.

The IP address you are using,, is currently not permitted to use this web site.
Country code: IR

and the web site i wanted to see is this:

and to me it is called the discrimination of human rights to access freely to data and info,
and this bring out the necessity of Hackers, Crackers,.... without them world seems to be a prison than a global village

rasti alan che ghadr ahange "jabre joghrafia" namjoo be del mishine

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February 2, 2008

Harvard fans

all those guys starving to go to harvard, watch this movie, " Legally Blond" , at least you will learn how to prepare for GRE, writting SOP and at last but not at least CV....jokingly

this post is dedicated to iranian architecture student s who want to apply for GSD, specially my friends, SINA, ARASH, SARA, NESA, mehdi, mazdak,......

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January 31, 2008



just need to look differently to discover the beauty

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January 30, 2008

my little doggie, jolie, she is my best unharmful friend currently

this is my cave, branch in tehran, , the french call a messy place : comme la chambre de etudiant, now i guess you find out the reason

students are honored to named, traitor, rebel, spy, foriegn agent,.. in Iran , and offcourse terrorist in abroad, such a paradox

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January 23, 2008

منتقد رادیکال رادیکال میگیرد!

حافظه تاریخی هم بد چیزی نیست!
اول این یادداشت را بخوانید

ولي شايعاتي در مورد عدم اعلام رتبه هاي اول، دوم و سوم وجود داشت براي تحقيق پيرامون صحت اين شايعات با مهندس ترابي، از برگزار كنندگان اين رقابت و عضو هيئت ژوري، تماس گرفتم و در مورد اين امر از ايشان جوياي توضيح شدم: ايشان فرمودند بر طبق نظر هيئت ژوري رتبه اول و دوم و سوم نخواهيم داشت و جوايز مربوطه (رتبه اول 7 ميليون تومان، دوم 5 ميليون تومان، سوم 3 ميليون تومان مجموعا 15 ميليون تومان) براي جلوگيري از اين شبهه كه حذف رتبه ها براي عدم پرداخت جوايز است، اين جوايز كه حدود 15 ميليون تومان مي باشد بين تعدادي از طرح هاي برتر تقسيم خواهد شد البته نه به صورت اينكه به رتبه هاي چهارم و پنجم و ششم داده شود بلكه به طريقي ديگر تقسيم خواهد شد. در مورد سوال در مورد كيفيت كارها، ايشان اين مورد را بسيار خوب ارزيابي كردند ولي به اين نكته نيز اشاره كردند كه كيفيت كارها، نظر هيئت ژوري را تامين نكرده است
در انتها آنچه به نظر مي رسد به عنوان نتيجه اي حرفه اي بتوان مطرح كرد لزوم ايجاد نوعي روند قانوني و يا در ديدگاهي والاتر فرهنگ براي مسابقات معماري است؛ چه در غير اينصورت نه برگزار كننده و نه شركت كننده هيچ تعهدي در قبال رعايت اصولي متقن و پذيرفته شده نخواهند داشت.

ب ه یوسفی

مهر، ۱۷ آبان ۸۲ شمسی

******** خوب حالا اینجا را بخوانید *********

پیرو دریافت 49 طرح ارائه شده برای مسابقه طراحی سردر و جداره شهری دانشکده معماری سوره، هیات داوران به ریاست آقای دکتر مصطفی بهزادفر در تاریخ دوشنبه 29/5/1386 در محل نگارخانه مرکزی دانشگاه سوره تشکیل جلسه داد.
هیات داوری شامل: حسن اصانلو، سیاوش افشار، فرخ باور،کورش رفیعی و بهرام هوشیار یوسفی ابتدا به بحث درباره تعیین معیار های داوری و نحوه بررسی پرداخت. شش مایه به عنوان معیار داوری تعیین گردید که عبارتند از:
1-مقیاس 2-سازگاری با کارکرد 3-ارائه خواسته‌ها 4- سازگاری با زمینه 5-برخورداری از طرح مفهومی 6- پایداری و استواری.
داوری در چهار مرحله شامل سه مرحله حذفی و یک مرحله مباحثه‌ای انجام شد و طرح‌های برتر انتخاب شدند. در جلسه مباحثه هیات داوری هیچ طرحی را حائز رتبه اول تشخیص ندادند و طرح های ذیل حائز مقام های دوم و سوم گردیده شد.

و محض یاداوری بهرام خان پریروز/ داور دیروز/ منتقد رادیکال امروز/ دولتمرد فردا دو سال پیش گفتند:

.."در انتها آنچه به نظر مي رسد به عنوان نتيجه اي حرفه اي بتوان مطرح كرد لزوم ايجاد نوعي روند قانوني و يا در ديدگاهي والاتر فرهنگ براي مسابقات معماري است؛ چه در غير اينصورت نه برگزار كننده و نه شركت كننده هيچ تعهدي در قبال رعايت اصولي متقن و پذيرفته شده نخواهند داشت."

and this is why we never progress, ma cherie

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originality 3

فرا فکنی یا فرا افکنی ؟
خوب یوسفی از ما بدر کشید/ ظاهرا


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